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     Adult Drop Shipper offers three different tiers of service to provide you with exactly what you need to get the most of ADS.
"Basic" Drop Shipping
Using this program, we provide you access to our drop ship ordering console where you can manually enter customer orders. This program is ideal for brick-and-mortar stores and web retailers who want to expand their product offerings without adding inventory. Orders are shipped directly to your customer under your name.
Setup: FREE | Monthly: FREE | Per-Order: $3
"Enhanced" Drop Shipping
A fully-automated option that integrates our vast catalog and ordering system into your website. We provide you with all necessary product information as well as automatic updates through our data feed to ensure your website remains current. Additionally, we supply the necessary tools to allow your customer's order to be entered directly into our warehouse. All aspects of the process are handled seamlessly. Orders are shipped directly to your customer under your name.
Setup: $99 | Monthly: $99 | Per-Order: $3
Data Feed Only
This is identical to our Enhanced option, but does not include drop shipping service. This option is for retailers who choose to maintain and ship their own inventory, but wish to have their web catalog updated with our latest information.
Setup: $99 | Monthly: $99